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The IETM’s Local Journey for Change program selects Emprendo Danza’s project 21 Apr 2022

Emprendo Danza has been a member for three years of IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts), which this year has launched the Local Journey for Change (LJC) program, with the aim of stimulating positive changes in the professional, community and local cultural policy development context.

The program has selected 24 projects led by IETM members from 22 countries, being selected the FRÉ! project, presented by Emprendo Danza.

The Economic Resources Fund (FRÉ! -in spanish Fondo de Recursos Escénicos) is a project that was promoted by Esther Garrido and Juan Manuel Zapata -among others-, whose objective is to encourage public and private administrations linked to the performing arts to develop good practices for the efficient management of scenic material resources. In February 2016, this multidisciplinary team presented the FRÉ! project to the EmprendeEscena grant program and was selected, along with 4 other projects. The program allowed FRÉ! to be established as a pilot project to support entrepreneurship in the performing arts sector, but its development was impeded by the pandemic.

From Emprendo Danza, we believe and value this type of initiative, and therefore we will take advantage of the support obtained to work on the first step necessary to develop the entire project in the future, investing the resources offered in this call to investigate and develop new models of contract and forms of collaboration with public institutions that allow us to make available to small and medium companies one or more storage points, where workshops for the manipulation and construction of materials can also be held, as well as the scenic resources that have already exhausted their use in the large productions of the great theaters of the community.

For now, we share with you some of the resources that Esther and Juan Manuel, together with their team, elaborated at the time about the FRÉ! project.