Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network
Asociación de Compañías de Danza "Emprendo Danza"
Sustainability meeting (Program Local Journey for Change from IETM) 18 Nov 2022

On Thursday 10 November we organised a meeting at the Residearte space (CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid) to talk with Esther Garrido about sustainable action measures in the performing arts, reflect on the trajectory of the FRÉ – Fondo de Recursos Escénicos! project, and present the ED Circula initiative.

Since we learned that Emprendo had been selected within the framework of projects presented to the Local Journeys for Change 2022 call organised by IETM, we have been in contact with Esther and Juanma (promoters of the FRÉ! project) to learn about the journey and the work carried out with this project, and to imagine how we can learn from it and give it continuity.

In this meeting, we approached our members to share these months of learning – analysing FRÉ’s journey -, to know their opinion and experience in resources and sustainability actions applied to the work of the companies, and to propose new tools that give security and formalise habitual practices in favour of sustainability “such as, for example, the exchange and circularity of the materials used for their artistic projects”. It is along these lines that we present the ED Circula initiative, a proposal for a digital platform aimed at ED members, for the exchange, transfer, rental and reuse of stage materials. 

From Emprendo we encourage you to watch the presentation made at the meeting on 10 November through our vimeo channel at the following link.

We would also like to know your opinion in order to take the first steps towards the implementation of ED_Circula.

We would like to know if, in your opinion, you think that the sections of this form are the right ones to answer this type of questions and if you would like to add any other point to facilitate these exchanges.

Form: (ED_CIRCULA ( 

We also share with you as a resource the presentation prepared by Esther and discussed during the meeting.

What other practices do you carry out in your organisation to promote sustainability?