Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network
Asociación de Compañías de Danza "Emprendo Danza"
About us

EMPRENDO DANZA is a nationwide organisation constituted of companies essentially dedicated to activities related to distribution and production of dance. It is a non-profit association and does not adhere to any particular ideology. Its members belong to the private sector. Their vocation is the integration of all those professionals or companies in the sector wishing to participate and contribute to developing these objectives:

– Strengthen the structure of the dance sector in Spain.

– Share knowledge, experience and technical information, especially to improve individual handling that can help establish more cooperation in the field.

– Improve the professional quality and the development of the business sector, and in particular, the creation of platforms and meetings intended to promote the activities of the dance companies.

– Give more exposure to dance as an element and generator of cultural heritage, social cohesion, and economic development.

– Foster cultural tourism.

– Create awareness in society about the importance of dance as a cultural heritage together with art as well as research and respect for choreography as intellectual creation.

– Cooperate with other associations and institutions, public or private, which share similar interests.

– Appreciate dance in the cultural industry environment.

– Encourage the establishment of joint projects through national or international networks and bilateral or multilateral cooperative programmes.

– Establish a venue for sharing of information, reflexion and cooperation between the members of the organisation.